Ryde Hospital Redevelopment

Ryde Hospital Redevelopment

The $479 million Ryde Hospital redevelopment will include:

  • operating theatres
  • an expanded emergency department
  • adult overnight inpatient beds
  • expanded medical imaging department
  • ambulatory care centre
  • pediatric short stay unit
  • an expanded intensive care unit, and
  • multi-storey car park.

The existing hospital will remain operational throughout the redevelopment.

The Ryde Hospital will be completed under a two-stage planning approval and delivery process.

  • Stage One - State Significant Development Application (SSDA) for the proposed scale of the redevelopment and delivery of site preparation and enabling construction works. 
  • Stage Two -  SSDA for the main construction works.

Key Dates

May 2019 Project Announcement
2023 Preferred Bidder Selection
Jan 2024 Contract Award
Jun 2024 Construction Commencement
2028 Construction Commencement

Funding contributions

NSW Government


Procuring Agency: Health Infrastructure NSW
Successful Tenderer: AW Edwards
Related contracts:
Stage One - Early Works
Successful Tenderer - HPAC


Jun 2019 The NSW Government announced $479 in funding for the project in its 2019-20.
Dec 2020 The NSW Government announce consideration of alternative proposal to move the site of the hospital to Macquarie University.
Nov 2021 The NSW Government announced the site will remain at the existing Ryde Hospital campus which will be redeveloped.
Jan 2022 Health Infrastructure NSW submitted a Request for the Secretary's Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs) to NSW Department of Planning and Environment for the project's Concept Development Application.
Mar 2022 The NSW Department of Planning and Environment issued the Secretary's Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs) for the preparation of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) of the project.
Jul 2022 Concept designs unveiled.
Aug 2022 The NSW Department of Planning and Environment placed the State Significant Development Concept Development and Stage One application on public exhibition, open until 20 September.
Jan 2023 The final designs for the Ryde Hospital redevelopment were released to the public.
Mar 2023 A scoping report and request for SEARs for Stage 2 of the approval process was released.
May 2023 SEARs were issued for Stage 2 of the project's development applications.
Jun 2023 Stage 1 of the project received planning approval.
Sep 2023 The NSW Department of Planning and Environment placed Stage Two of the project's Environmental Impact Statement on public exhibition, closing 25 October.
Nov 2023 The NSW Government released updated procurement and delivery timelines for the project in the 2023-24 State Infrastructure Plan. Procurement for the project is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2023, with construction expected to commence in early 2024.
Jan 2024 The NSW Government awarded A W Edwards the construction contract.
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