Shoalhaven Hospital Redevelopment

Detailed Planning
Shoalhaven Hospital Redevelopment

The NSW Government is planning to improve clinical services and deliver increased healthcare capacity through the redevelopment of the existing Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital.

The new Shoalhaven Hospital will include:

  • increased surgical capacity
  • acute medical and aged care beds
  • more operating theatres and expanded elective surgery
  • increased capacity in the Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit
  • expanded mental health services and expanded subacute care, including rehabilitation and palliative care
  • expansion of outpatient and ambulatory care, and
  • enhanced medical imaging and nuclear medicine capacity.

Key Dates

Nov 2018 Project Announcement
Mar 2023 Expected Construction Commencement
2028 Expected Construction Completion

Funding contributions

NSW Government


Nov 2018 The NSW Government announced it would commence planning for a $434 million redevelopment of Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital.
Feb 2020 The NSW Government awarded the architectural services contract to Conrad Gargett.
Nov 2020 The 2020-21 NSW Budget allocated an additional $4 million in FY2020-21 to progress the project. The additional funding enabled the acquisition of the adjoining Nowra Park, allowing for expanded clinical services at the redeveloped hospital.
Jun 2021 The 2021-22 NSW Budget allocated $12 million to the project for FY2021-22.
Estimated Total Cost
Procurement approach
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