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NSW South West REZ

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NSW South West REZ

The South West Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) has a proposed capacity of 2.5 gigawatts of new renewable generation and storage capacity. The REZ is to be developed around Hay, stretching from the Murrumbidgeee LGA in the east to Buronga in the west, in the South-West Region of NSW.

It is anticipated that the 500kV eastern section of Project EnergyConnect (between Dinawan and Wagga Wagga) and HumeLink will provide transmission support.

Key Dates

Oct 2021 ROIs Open
Nov 2021 ROIs for generator and storage projects in the REZ closed.


Procuring Agency: EnergyCo


Nov 2019 The REZ was outlined in the NSW Government's 2019 Electricity Strategy, identifying its proximity to existing transmission infrastructure, the Snowy Hydro Scheme and potential options for new interconectors between New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia as key factors determining the REZ's location.
Oct 2021 EnergyCo NSW opened Registrations of Interest for generation and storage project in the REZ, closing on 24 November.
Sep 2022 Project EnergyConnect (NSW - Eastern Section) received planning approval from NSW Government.
Nov 2022 The NSW Government formerly declared the scope of the REZ, which would extend from Buronga to Hay. NSW Government received 49 ROIs representing 34 gigawatts from potential generation and storage projects (more than 13 times the intended 2.5 gigawatt capacity).
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