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Queensland Southern REZ

Queensland Southern REZ

The Queensland Government will develop three Renewable Energy Zones (REZs) in the state: the Northern, Central and Southern REZs. The REZs are intended to encourage investment in renewable generation and storage projects.

The Southern REZ will be located in the Darling Downs region.

Key Dates

Sep 2020 ROIs opened and closed

Funding contributions

Queensland Government

The Queensland Government committed $145 million to support network upgrades and the development of the three Queensland REZs.


Tenderers (EOI/ROI): ROIs opened for proponents interested in developing projects in the Northern, Central and Southern REZs in September 2020, closing on 25 September.


Aug 2020 The Queensland Government committed $145 million to support network upgrades and streamline the development of new renewable generation projects in the Renewable Energy Zones.
Sep 2020 ROIs opened for interested parties.
Aug 2021 The Queensland Government commenced consultation on the development of its three REZs. It is seeking feedback from local communities, small business, manufacturers and renewables and hydrogen project developers on how the REZs can provide community benefits and deliver positive economic outcomes. The Queensland Government also announced there were over 72 projects that registered interest in the Southern REZ, worth over $30 billion of potential investment across the surrounding Local Government areas including Toowoomba, Warwick and Dalby.
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Infrastructure Australia status
High Priority Initiative (medium-term, 5-10 years)