Sydney Biomedical Accelerator

Sydney Biomedical Accelerator

The Sydney Biomedical Accelerator (SBA) is a proposed health, education and research precinct to be co-located at the Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) Hospital – Gloucester House and Sydney University’s Camperdown campus. The precinct will connect to the Susan Wakil Health Building (SWHB), which opened in 2021 and is not a part of the SBA. The scope of the works includes: 

  • a new mortuary and anatomy teaching facility
  • several levels of Modular Wet lab research facilities (PC2 & PC3 labs)
  • core research facilities
  • a new expanded loading dock to serve both the SWHB and the SBA
  • back of house and storage facilities, and
  • a range of campus and public domain facilities and connections.

The precinct will be comprised of three buildings as follows:

  • Building A (RPAH): Retention of Gloucester House and internal refurbishment for dry research support space and clinics 
  • Building B (RPAH): circa 8,000m2 over eight floors, and 
  • Isaac Wakil Biomedical Building (University): circa 28,200m2 over eight floors.

The project is a partnership between the University, the Sydney Local Health District and the NSW Government, in collaboration with the Centenary Institute.

Funding contributions

NSW Government
The University of Sydney

The $478 million funding from the University of Sydney includes $73 million in philanthropic donations.


Jun 2022 The 2022-23 NSW Budget allocated $139 million in capital expenditure over four years towards the project, including $15 million in FY2022-23, and $4.1 million in recurrent expenditure.
Aug 2022 The University of Sydney announced $478 million in funding towards the project. This commitment includes a total of $73 million in philanthropic donations.
Mar 2023 A scoping report was published alongside a request for the Secretary's Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs).
Mar 2023 The NSW Government issued the Planning Secretary's Environmental Assessment Requirements for the project's State Significant Development application.
Nov 2023 The project's Environmental Impact Statement was placed on public exhibition, closing 12 January 2024.
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