Myalup Offshore Windfarm

Myalup Offshore Windfarm

Skyborn Renewable's proposed Myalup Offshore Wind Farm would be located across offshore between Bunbury and Mandurah. The project has a target capacity of around 1.6 gigawatts of Renewable Energy.

The scope of the project includes:

  • wind turbines around 15 MW in capacity per turbine (fully located in Commonwealth waters)
  • subsea cables (transversing both Commonwealth and State waters)
  • offshore and onshore substations, and
  • a proposed grid connection at Kemerton substation.

The project will make use of existing ports and harbour to support construction and operations. The quantity and locations of the infrastucture is dependent on determinations about the proposed Bunbury Offshore Wind Zone. 

Following the joint venture agreement between Skyborn Renewables and Australis Energy Ltd, the project was rebranded from WA Offshore Windfarm to Myalup Offshore Windfarm in November 2022.

Key Dates

Apr 2021 Project Announcement


Apr 2021 WA Offshore Windfarm Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Australis Energy, proposed the construction of a $1 billion offshore windfarm project in Western Australia.
Apr 2021 Project referred to WA Environmental Protection Authority for state environmental approval.
Nov 2021 The Environmental Scoping Document was approved by the WA EPA.
Jun 2022 Joint venture agreement undertaken between Skyborn Renewables and Australis Energy Ltd for three offshore wind projects - WA Offshore Windfarm, SA Offshore Windfarm, and VIC Offshore Windfarm.
Aug 2022 Chris Bowen MP Minister for Climate Change and Energy announces six proposed regions that have offshore wind energy potential and potential to be declared renewable energy zones, including off Bunbury, WA.
Nov 2022 WA Offshore Wind Farm re-branded as Myalup Offshore Wind Farm and plans expanded from state waters to Commonwealth waters in response to the potential for a declared zone off Bunbury, WA by the Federal Government.
Feb 2024 Notice of Proposal to Declare Bunbury as an offshore renewable infrastructure area is published and consultation opens.