Wairoa Waikato Mental Health Facility

Detailed Planning
Wairoa Waikato Mental Health Facility

A new acute mental health facility will be built in Waikato to provide better care and support to people with mental health and addiction issues. The new facility will replace the ageing Henry Rongomau Bennett Centre.

The facility is expected to have a 64 bed capacity, which is an increase of 11 beds compared to the existing facility.

The scope of works also includes the demolition and construction of a new renal centre, with the acute mental health facility to be constructed on the site of the old renal centre.

Key Dates

Mar 2020 Expected completion of indicative business case
Mar 2021 Expected completion of detailed business case
2023 Expected Construction Commencement
2025 Expected opening of facility

Funding contributions

NZ Government


Oct 2019 New Zealand Government announced funding of NZ$100 million for the project, pending business case approval.
Jul 2022 The NZ Government approved the project's business case and confirmed the scope includes a new 64-bed mental health facility and the demolition and construction of a new renal centre. The NZ Government also confirmed the total estimated cost for the mental health facility increased from NZ$100 million to NZ$115 million, while the main works for the renal centre has an estimated total cost of NZ$40 million, bringing the project's total cost to NZ$155 million.
Estimated Total Cost
Procurement approach
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