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Level Crossing Removal – Western Program Alliance

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Level Crossing Removal – Western Program Alliance

Western Program Alliance (WPA) is one of the four ongoing program Alliances established by Victoria’s Major Transport Infrastructure Authority (MTIA) (previously, Level Crossing Removal Authority) to deliver the Level Crossing Removal Program.

The Alliance comprises:

  • McConnell Dowell as the principal contractor
  • Arup and Mott Macdonald as design partners, and
  • Metro Trains Melbourn (MTM) as the network operator.

MTIA has allocated all level crossing removal sites, and incorporated rail upgrades to one of the four original program alliances, with formal contract awards occurring incrementally, subject to ongoing performance and provision of detailed works proposals and costings.

Allocated level crossing removals and other rail upgrades for WPA, with their status are below:

  • Abbotts Road, Dandenong South (operational)
  • Aviation Road, Laverton (operational)
  • Cherry Street, Werribee (operational)
  • Dandenong to Lynbrook duplication (under delivery)
  • Greens Road, Dandenong South (operational)
  • Werribee Street, Werribee (operational)
  • Kororoit Creek Road, Williamstown (operational)
  • Old Geelong Road, Hoppers Crossing (under delivery)
  • Ferguson Street, Williamstown (under delivery)
  • new North Williamstown Station (under delivery)
  • Mount Derrimut Road, Deer Park (under delivery)
  • Webster Street, Dandenong (detailed planning)
  • Webb Street, Narre Warren (detailed planning)
  • Brunt Road, Beaconsfield (detailed planning), and
  • new Narre Warren Station (detailed planning).

Track duplication from Dandenong to Lynbrook and Greens Road level crossing removal were awarded as part of Cranbourne Cranbourne Line Upgrade (Package A).

Key Dates

Feb 2014 Contract Award: Cherry Street
May 2017 Contract Award: Kororoit Creek, Aviation and Abbots Roads
2017 Construction Commencement
Feb 2020 Contract Award: Old Geelong Road and Werribee Street
Mar 2020 Contract Award: Cranbourne Line Upgrade (Package A)
Dec 2020 Contract Award: Ferguson Street LXR & North Williamstown Station
Jul 2021 Contract Award: Webb Street, Narre Warren
Mar 2022 Contract Award: Mount Derrimut Road, Deer Park
Dec 2025 Expected Construction Completion


Procuring Agency: Major Transport Infrastructure Authority (MTIA), Victoria
Successful Tenderer: Western Program Alliance, comprising McConnell Dowell, Arup, Mott Macdonald, and Metro Trains Melbourn (MTM).


May 2017 The Victorian Government awarded the contract to remove the level crossing at Kororoit Creek Road in Williamstown to the WPA. If the Alliance meets strict performance measures in delivery of this project, it will retain the contract to then remove the level crossing at Abbotts Road in Dandenong South, Aviation Road in Laverton, Ferguson Street in Williamstown, and Cherry and Werribee Streets in Werribee.
Feb 2020 The Victorian Government awarded the WPA the contract to remove the Cherry Street level crossing.
Feb 2020 The Victorian Government awarded the WPA the contract to remove level crossing at Old Geelong Road in Hoppers Crossing and Werribee Street in Werribeeto. Designs for the projects were also confirmed.
Mar 2020 The Victorian Government awarded two contracts worth a combined $679 million contract for the Cranbourne Line Upgrade. Package A of the upgrade was awarded to the WPA. Package A covers track duplication from Dandenong to Lynbrook and Greens Road level crossing removal.
Oct 2020 The Victorian Govenrment released the designs for the new Williamstown North Station.
Dec 2020 The WPA was awarded the contract to remove the Ferguson Street crossing and build the new Williamstown Town North Station at a cost of $192 million.
Jul 2021 The Victorian Government announced an additional 10 level crossings would be removed, with one crossing removal and one new station construction awarded to this Alliance.
Mar 2022 The Victorian Government awarded the WPA the $234 million contract to remove the level crossing at Mt Derrimut Road, Deer Park.
Oct 2022 The Victorian Government awarded the WPA the $259 million contract to remove the level crossings at Webb Street, Narre Warren and Brunt Road, Beaconsfield. The contract also includes the construction of a station at Narre Warren and an elevated rail bridge.
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