Woodlawn Advanced Energy Recovery Centre

Detailed Planning
Woodlawn Advanced Energy Recovery Centre

Veolia is proposing to develop and operate the Woodlawn Advanced Energy Recovery Centre (ARC), an energy recovery facility (ERF), as the next phase of the Woodlawn Eco Precinct. The facility will be located within Woodlawn Eco Precinct on Collector Road, approximately 40 kilometres south of Goulburn and 50 kilometres north of Canberra.

The project scope includes:

  • development of an ERF/Energy from Waste (EfW) facility, which has a capacity to thermally treat up to 380,000 tonnes per annum of residual municipal solid waste and commercial and industrial waste (waste feedstock)
  • ancillary infrastructure such as waste feedstock handling and storage area, administration buildings, education centre, landscaping and stormwater infrastructure
  • incinerator bottom ash maturation area and handling equipment
  • air pollution control residue disposal area
  • site access, internal roads, car parking and weighbridges, and
  • utilities and services, comprising a new substation and transmission infrastructure.


May 2021 Planning process commenced with Scoping Report published.
Jul 2021 The NSW Department of Planning and Environment issued the Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs) for the project.
Sep 2021 The NSW Government released an Energy from Waste Infrastructure Plan 2041. Developed by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority, the Plan restricts the development of new thermal energy from waste facilities to four ‘priority infrastructure areas’: West Lithgow, Parkes, Richmond Valley and South Goulburn-Mulwaree. The Woodlawn Advanced Energy Recovery Centre project falls within the Goulburn-Mulwaree area.
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